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This morning I should have been writing e-mails and do tech stuff for my launch coming Monday, but I didn’t. Instead I recorded silly videos.

Last months I have been working every evening, early mornings and weekends, because I was inspired to launch not one but two new big programs.

But this morning I didn’t feel to go head first into the piles of urgent business. Recording those funny little videos went so smoothly in effortless flow. I made myself laugh, recorded 16 reels in less than an hour and felt a bit more human again.

It took me over 10 years of entrepreneurship to learn that I shouldn’t resist inspiration as it strikes. For the last months I was inspired to create two new programs an hustle hard. This morning I was inspired to make silly videos instead of serious e-mail funnels.

Every time I ignored this soft voice of inspiration, things went badly. Software got stuck, I couldn’t come up with a good text etc. I’m sure that if I had written those e-mails and did the tech stuff this morning, that this would have happened.

About this disgustingly romanticized world breastfeeding week…

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

Every time I followed inspiration, great things happened. Last months I followed inspiration to create two enormous programs around Vivaldi Four Seasons and Bach Sonatas and Partitas. I’ve done some very successful launches and have welcomed lots of wonderful new violin students.

And now we will see what those silly little videos will do. Even if they don’t have any impact, they made me smile this morning (oh, and also baby Tristan who loves watching mommy make funny faces in front of the camera).

Lots of people choose entrepreneurship to have freedom and work on their own terms, but only a few get to do this. It’s a choice. You’re the boss, right?

Over ten years I struggled, because I chose things I thought I should do or things I though people would want. Now time after time I kick myself in the buns to choose for inspiration even though it’s often scary. Time over time it proves that this creates the best results although it might look a bit crazy from the outside.

Where in your life can you follow your inspiration more? Give yourself permission to at least give it a chance!

So here I am also inspired to write all this down and post it here. Let’s see how we get that launch ready this weekend.

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