4 Differences between Spiccato and Sautillé on the Violin | Violin Lounge TV #326

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Learn the violin bowing techniques spiccato and sautillé and how they differ in tempo, sound, bow hold, control and more:

Let’s walk through the 4 difference between Spiccato and Sautillé

Difference #1: Tempo

I think this first difference is the most important one. While playing a very slow spiccato you have full control over the bow. As you go faster control becomes less and less. As you approach around 100 beats per minute it turns into Sautillé and you have much less control of the bow and the bow basically takes over.

Difference #2: Place on the Bow

Although it depends on your particular bow, typically Sautillé is done right above the middle of the bow.
Spiccato on the other hand is done a bit above the balance point of your bow, closer to your frog.

Difference #3: Bow Hold

You might hold your bow like you normally do in Spiccato so you can control the movements of the bow by moving your fingers fluidily. Whereas with Sautillé  you want to let the bow take the lead and let it do it’s job. The less you interfere with the bow, the more successful your Sautillé  will. You want to hold it only between the finger tips and also suggest lifting your pinky a bit as well to allow the bow to jump on it’s own.

Difference #4: Bow Control

In Sautillé you let the bow take control and with Spiccato you control you the bow.


So now that you know the differences, would you like to learn more?

In my Bow like a Pro program I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to do Spiccato and Sautillé including how to do string crossings, how to do it in different speeds, and much more!

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Let me know in the comments below what difference is most important to you!


  1. Mathilde

    very clear explination. The difference in place on the bow was new for me.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Thank you, Mathilde, glad you learned something new! What’s the next thing you’d like to learn on the violin?

  2. Mariano

    Thank you for the video. Love it so much. Very well explained and recorded. I wish you could record closely to the bow bold finger (no.3), it will make the video more clear. Thank. Waiting for your next new video.

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Thank you, Mariano, for the compliment and feedback. This was just a short video. In Bow like a Pro we dive a lot deeper in these and other bowing techniques. Perhaps I’ll see you there as a student one day :).

  3. Stewart

    Dear Zlata,

    Many thanks for explaining the differences.

    I did realise the basic differences but to see them in action made it easier to aim for the result.


    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Great, Stewart, glad you found it interesting :). Are there more bow techniques you’d like to learn?



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