3 Tips for Playing the Violin while Pregnant | Violin Lounge TV #324

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Practice Tips | 4 comments

Learn my 3 tips to play comfortably during your whole pregnancy:

Unborn babies in the womb can hear from 18 weeks, so time to start music education now they can’t run away yet ;).

Did you already see all those ‘classical music for unborn babies brain development’ videos? Better to play that yourself.

Watch the video above for my three tips to play the violin comfortably throughout your whole pregnancy. Scroll down for my week by week twin pregnancy belly video.

1) Review your chinrest and shoulder rest

Be sure to check these both REGULARLY. The one I used for years had to be different because it just wasn’t comfortable for me anymore.

2) Have a good chair

You might play sitting down when it becomes too heavy, so get a very good chair. I use a balance stool that helps me sit up straight and keep moving to keep the stimulate blood circulation and give me freedom of movement

3) Don’t overtax yourself

I mean this both physically and mentally. It should be relaxing while you are playing, not stressful with auditions and concerts. Be more than every aware of your body and mind. Take a lot of breaks. Don’t let your focus and concentration keep you from checking yourself.

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Watch my week by week twin pregnancy belly video below:

Starting to play the violin yourself when you have kids:

If you want to start playing the violin ‘to have something for yourself’ once the baby is born, I recommend starting when you’re pregnant or before. In that way the baby will recognize your music as ‘womb sounds’ and it will put him/her at ease instead of disturb him/her.

Let me know in the comments which tip was most useful to you!


  1. Sherylin

    I hope this is helpful to all woman that decide to play for their children 🙂
    At my age I no longer have to worry about it. But I use to sing all the time [I still do] so mine got that anyhow 🙂
    Good video Zlata. Thanks for doing this for everyone 🙂

  2. Rachel L.

    Thank you for your sharing! I actually search for playing while pregnant because I am worried about the loud noise and vibration created when playing violin might harm the hearing development of the fetus. I was practising violin and my belly ached suddenly. Do you know if there is any potential damage in hearing inside the womb?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Rachel, hmm, I’m not a medical professional and make sure to double check this with someone who is, but I believe it can do no harm. Isn’t it that your posture caused the pain?


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