Why Would You Want to Play the Viola???

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Playing viola as an addition to playing the violin… or playing the viola instead the violin can have many advantages.

The viola looks a lot like the violin. Why would you want to play the viola as an addition to the violin, or instead of the violin?

The difference between the violin and the viola becomes clear in their different roles in an orchestra. The violin is more of a soprano and the viola more of a middle instrument. The viola is about 90% the same in technique as the violin, so playing the viola can be a nice addition.

Like the violin, the viola has four strings. It has a G-, D- and A-string and instead of an E-string it has a C-string. Which sounds warm and cello-like. Viola’s are usually a little bit bigger than violins, but the size isn’t as fixed as with a violin. The viola reads notes in a different key, which is something you really need to get used to.

So, why play the viola?

A good reason can be that you don’t like the high-pitched sound of the E-string and you like the C-string better. Or maybe you enjoy the rich and warm sound of the viola, which can almost be cello-like. Another reason can be that you notice that the motoric movements you need to play the violin are too small for you and you prefer making larger movements. Also, the orchestra parts of the viola tend to be a bit easier. To top it off there is a shortage of viola players, so you have a better chance to play in an orchestra.

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