How to Learn to Play the Violin or Viola as Fast as a Child?

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In this video I share secrets from violin teachers around adult beginners…

People that learn to play the violin at an adult age get frustrated because they think they can never learn as fast as a child. Let me tell you two secrets from violin teachers:

  1. It is an absolute myth that you can’t learn something at a later age. Perhaps you won’t become a professional, but there are professionals who only started playing at an adult age, so it isn’t impossible. And maybe you just want to play for fun and don’t want to become a professional. For example, I started learning English at a later age and so I will never become a professional translator. But I can communicate in English and even have a whole website in English!
  2. The second secret is that a lot of teachers claim that their adult beginners learn faster than their child beginners. Of course, there are advantages to beginning to learn the violin at a young age. But there also are advantages to learning the violin at an adult age. As an example you are already used to learning, you have more understanding of music and can put all your knowledge and life experience in your playing.


Beside these secrets, there are some thing you can do to learn as fast as a child.

  1. Try to act as a child when learning how to hold your violin. Act clumsy and switch off the thinking!
  1. Don’t judge yourself and be harsh on yourself when in the beginning it doesn’t sound good. Adults tend to get all worked up and feel ashamed in front of their teacher. Don’t be embarrassed, just experiment and you will get better.
  1. Enjoy the way, not only the goal. It takes lots of hours, motivation and practicing learning to play the violin.
  1. Be open to learn and don’t think you understand everything right away. When you keep an open mind you will be able to just take in the information. Don’t try to analyze and control everything.


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