Should You Use Stickers on Your Violin or Viola Fingerboard?

by | Oct 26, 2013 | Play in Tune

On one side your muscle memory should get the chance to develop and learn the right positions…

Lots of teachers put stickers on the finger board of their student’s violin or viola, so they’ll know where to put their fingers. In the beginning it is very difficult to know and hear where your fingers should be. Because of this it can be very useful to mark some positions and be reminded where you should put your fingers.


How do I feel about stickers? I rarely place stickers on the fingerboard of my student’s violin or viola. I want my students to learn how to play with their ears and not with their eyes. Stickers are never accurate, and intonation is more than just putting your fingers in the right place. We play the violin, not the piano, so intonation depends on a lot of factors.

I would like to suggest an alternative: The Don’t Fret position markers. This is a sticker that you put on the whole fingerboard, which is more accurate than loose stickers that you place yourself.

When you use things like stickers or the Don’t Fret position markers, you need to watch out that you don’t get used to looking at your fingerboard to check where you should put your fingers. The markers could help with training your muscle memory, so you can remove the stickers after a little while. Make sure you don’t depend on the stickers. You should be able to play by audiation, which is hearing the music in your mind. This way your hands will learn to follow your internal hearing and in time won’t need stickers or extra help.


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