Why Should You Practice Daily?

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Practicing daily? Should you really? Yes!

Why do you have to practice daily?

Automated movements

When you start playing you need to learn a lot of automated movements. If you want to program these in your brain, you have to repeat them a lot so your brain can process them. There is a part that you will have to do consciously, but there is also a part that just happens while you sleep.

A couple of minutes everyday

Your brain will then make connections that are necessary to be able to make these automated movements. The best way to make these connections and to learn how to play as good as possible, as fast as possible, it is important to do something every day at least. Even if you just do it for a couple of minutes. You have to keep working on getting those automated movements imprinted in your brain.

Help your brain to process!

You do not want to learn something and forget it right away, so you have to start all over again. You have to give your brain a chance to process things, make connections to make it stick, so you can keep building on that.

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