How to feel free during the lockdown

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Truth isn’t relative, but on which part of it we focus and how we experience it is

As the extreme lockdown in Holland starts to get into my head, I try hard to focus on the happy things.

Based on what people look at, they could admire me, envy me, pity me, love me or hate me.

You can look at me walking outside, but not know that was my first time in six weeks.

You can look at my enthusiastic videos, but not feel my back pain from too much work.

How to feel free during the lockdown

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

When it comes to my freedom I can focus on how I almost faint wearing an obligated mask in the grocery store, how I can’t get even an hour of childcare, how I can’t get my sore back and neck treated, how I have to push my sore body over it’s boundaries every single day, how I’m worried baby no 3 will grow inside my tired body, how there’s no break from all of it and how the government gives no transparency about the research and data backing their decisions.

But I can also focus on the endless possibilities and freedom my strong body, beautiful violin and fast Wifi connection offer me: I can perform, teach violin, express myself, write, learn, take in information and enjoy playing with my kids along all of it. All from my comfy home.

I can focus how my daughter understood bowing on her violin today with two hands on the bow, how my son sees every toy as a drum and how they learn to ride their new rocking horse.

In every moment my kids teach me that even between the walls of this house the world is an enchanting exciting place filled with new fun stuff to explore. That is if you keep your eyes and heart open.

The only one who can lockdown my inspiration, my creativity, my feelings and thoughts, my mind and soul is me. I choose to set it free.

What do you choose to focus on today? What do you choose to see?


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