FREE Violin Lesson #17 Your First Etude: Wohlfahrt op 45 nr 3

by | Oct 19, 2020 | FREE Violin Lessons for Beginners, Start to Play | 6 comments

In this lesson, we’re going to play our FIRST etude that will prepare us for our first violin concerto in a couple of lessons. Free book download!

Your first etude

What’s the point of practicing etudes?

You will notice that when you learn a new technique and you directly apply it to a piece, it most of the times doesn’t work out. Either the piece gets sloppy or the new technique is out of the window. Etudes close the gap by teaching you to apply new techniques in music.

You can download the book with 60 etudes, including this one if you sign up for free at

Video content:

02:24 performance

03:33 slow play along

04:47 tutorial


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  1. Scharnhorst

    Love your videos
    Appreciate your sacrifices not to just become one soloist but to make hundreds of soloist
    And I know how hard it is to not eat chocolate and drink coffee
    Hard times..but you are fit now so eat it

  2. Stewart

    Dear Zlata, Well done and thank you for your offering and most importantly using an appropriate etude prior to playing and preparing for a related Violin Concertino.

    BTW what strings are you using and is that tailpiece of genuine rosewood with integral adjusters ?

    The mellowness on the G ad D strings balance the brightness of the A and E strings.
    Is this due to the positioning of the sound post ?

    Lovely playing.

  3. Jeff moody

    Zlata how are you this is Jeff been watching as many of you violin videos as I get time to beginners to intermediate as I am watching I am getting lost as to what to practice and how what I need is something I can put in front of me on the music stand and follow can you help me come up with a practice routine in some kind of order and be productive. If you can help me let me know and also is the fiddlerman concert series violin everything the reviews say it is reason being mine will be here in a couple days please help me to come up with a practice plan that will work thanks Jeff

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Jeff, congrats on your new violin! As you’ve been following along my beginner course, these are the exact steps to take. Just go through it slowly, perhaps spending some weeks per lesson. Use the warming up from lesson 12 to start your session and after that play the etudes and pieces that you’re currently working on. Happy practicing!


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