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Learn the second finger notes on the violin in the first position

With the second finger in the first position you play one note higher than the first finger

It’s important that you can already play the first finger reliably before you start the second finger

Click here for my lesson on the first finger.

With the second finger we can play Mary had a little lamb and I’ll teach you in the video above.

To find the right note, it’s important that you maintain the reference points of your thumb and index finger on the violin. Also it’s important to develop a feeling for the distance between the first finger and the second finger.

Place your fingers nice and curved, so the tip of your finger touches the string and presses it down.

Tip: Don’t place stickers on your fingerboard!

It might seem tempting, but it gets in the way of your ear training. Use this violin tuner instead.

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Second finger notes on the violin

The second finger is a third higher than the open string

On the G, D, A and E string, the second finger notes are B, F#, C# and G#.

At this stage it’s most important to feel and listen. We’ll get to music theory and learning notes in lesson 11 of this beginner course.

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violin second finger notes in the first position



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