FREE Violin Lesson #3 for Beginners | SMOOTH BOWING

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To get a beautiful tone as a beginner violinist without sounding scratchy, it’s important that your fingers move along with the bow stroke.

Watch this video for some exercises!

The typical beginner sound is caused by a stiff bow hold

By moving your fingers along with the bow stroke, it’s a lot easier to bow straight and get a consistent sound. You can make seamless bow changes and your violin and bow keep resonating.

The result is that you don’t sound scratchy on the violin, but instead make a beautiful full sound.

We often think that beginner violinists have to sound awful for years, but with some deliberate practicing I show in the video, it’s possible to sound good early on.

Dive deeper into this topic with this video lesson on seamless bow changes.

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20 tips to not sound scratchy

Watch this lesson about not hitting other strings and sounding scratchy. I’m sure it will benefit your playing!

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