3 Easy Ways to Teach Music Online | Violin Lounge TV #356

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Take your music studio online FAST!

Teaching via Skype is just one way. Best tips and tools from 10+ years of experience as an online violin teacher:

#1 Live online lessons via Skype, Zoom or Facetime

The easiest and fastest way to start teaching music online is to give live online lessons. It’s quite similar to teaching ‘offline’. You can teach your current students and even maintain your studio schedule.

Avoid e-mailing back and forth about the date and messing things up with different timezones. A tool like Calendly can take the hassle out of scheduling (perhaps international) students and even payments.

A platform like Play with a Pro can take care of payments, scheduling and even hosting the live lessons. Also it gives you some authority to be part of it.

Read my article with 6 tips to make it work right here! 

#2 Video exchange

By sending back and forth videos you are not dependent on time zone, internet connection and a tight studio schedule. Also you can give your students feedback when they need it.

  1. Record a video with whatever device you have at hand
  2. Publish your video to YouTube as Unlisted
  3. Send the link to your student or teacher

You can charge per video, offer a monthly subscription form or offer video exchange as part of your online course.

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#3 Make your own online music course!

This is more of a long term thing, but can combine very nicely with the personal guidance you give your students in live lessons or video exchange.

It can be as easy as setting up a password protected page on your website (easy to do in WordPress) or e-mailing links to a series of unlisted videos.

If you don’t want the hassle of setting up your course, become an iClassical MusiMentor! They set up the course FOR you, handle payments etc, so you can focus on the music.

A tool like Teachable is not free, but very easy to use to set up and sell your course.

If you are a little more DYI, a combination of a WordPress site with OptimizePress and WishlistMember works very well.

For advanced features and great integration with other software you might be using, use what I use, Accessally. However, that requires a bit of a learning curve and perhaps you need to hire someone to set up things for you.

Start simple!

Don’t get overwhelmed by all of these tools. Just start teaching your current students by Skype or Zoom. Little by little you can offer more.

Let me know in the comments in what way YOU are going to teach music online and what instrument(s) you teach!


  1. SORI

    Hi from south korea.
    Im teaching violin, I was waving about violin technique in youtube AND find your channel. And your channel give me a idea and encourage me to start online lesson. thank you for sharing your idea. I will start simple too


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