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Should you push out your wrist when playing at the extreme tip?

One of my Violin Lounge Academy students asked me this question in the online student community we have. He told me that another teacher told him that the wrist should be straight all the time and that bending your wrist gives problems while playing.

He wondered how one can play at the extreme tip without pushing out his wrist a bit…

That’s where he gives the answer… a bit and not a lot. In the video I demonstrate exactly what your wrist position should be like:


You bend your wrist a bit and while you are bowing closer to the tip your hand will tilt a bit in the direction of the tip of the bow.

When you push out your wrist too much, you’ll lock your wrist and your elbow making it impossible to make a fluent bow change from down bow to up bow.

When you want to bow fluently with a beautiful sound, it’s important to move your arm, wrist and fingers along with the straight movement of the bow.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to move your wrist and fingers, so you can bow fluently and create a beautiful sound, click here to watch the Violin Lounge TV episode I made about this subject.

The position of your wrist and fingers depends on the length of your arm.

When you have long arms your don’t need much movement. When you have short arms, you need to bend and stretch a bit more to guarantee the straight movement of the bow and fluent bow changes.

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