[Video] Left Hand Technique in String Crossings | Violin Lounge TV #253

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Bowing Technique, Play in Tune | 4 comments

In this video I explain how you combine your bowing technique with your left hand technique in string crossings and how your fingers can prepare for the coming note.

Preparing your fingers helps you to make smooth string crossings and allows you to play with more speed.

This video is specifically about the left hand technique in string crossings on the violin. If you’re looking for general videos about string crossings, please watch these:

In the video I show how you can prepare your fingers for the next note, while playing the previous note. When you perform the string crossing with your bow (right hand technique), you already have your finger on the right spot.

Have you experimented with preparing your fingers for string crossings? Did it help you to cross strings smoothly or to gain more speed and fluency in your playing in general? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Marina Francis

    IAm 53yrs and I have been playing violin ever since I was15yrs of course some small breaks during this period. I have had tutors who play very well but I still struggle to produce a good time from my violin. My dream is to play assonance and cannon d minor the professional style. Can you help me. A very hard worker but that has proven useless.

  2. Donald Telfer

    Thanks, I learnt something I did not know before.

    And best of all, it was something I wanted to know and knew that I did not know it.

    As they say in the boy scouts: ‘Be Prepared’ (boy scout motto)


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