Vibrato and Double Stops in Louré from Partita in E major by JS Bach | Violin Lounge TV #429

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Practice Tips, Repertoire | 4 comments

Tips and tricks for the vibrato, double stops, rhythm and sound in the Louré from Bach’s violin partita no 3 in E major BWV 1006

Do you know another Louré except for this movement in Bach’s partita no 3?

It’s no coincidence that Bach chose to compose this French dance. We want to play it with a little rhythmical freedom and lightness. This is definitely a challenge with those double stops… or trying to vibrate on double stops.

In this video I give you some ideas for your interpretation and practical tips on rhythm, bowing and violin technique.

Make sure to also watch my tutorial about the Preludio from Bach’s partita no 3 right here.


  1. Tosha Matthews

    Looks like this weeks video wont play. At my end it has a white bar through it that prevents you for pushing the start arrow.

    • Zlata

      Oops, fixed it! Can you try again?

  2. Terry Armstrong

    Thank you Professor Zlata for your loyal communication. You are an excellent teacher with a great playing ear. I have learned tips that I never knew from others. Now to practice, then play with you. You make playing look so easy, but it’s not! LOL

    Terry Armstrong

    • Zlata

      Thank you, Terry, happy practicing!


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