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This episode is all about how to have a relaxed and flexible bow hold and bow smoothly with a beautiful tone.

I assume that you already have a decent bow hold. If you doubt about that, click here to watch my video on bow hold.

You can do the exercise I show you in the video with a pencil, ballpoint or a small stick. These things are lighter and shorter than your violin bow, but this is a good thing.

Relaxed bow hold exercise

Hold the pencil in a very good bow hold with your knuckles bent and your thumb and pinky round and flexible. Now start to relax your hand and fingers very slowly. Bit by bit you relax all those little muscles.

You’ll discover that even if you relax your hand a lot, you are still holding the pencil in a good bow hold. Let the pencil go slowly, until the pencil falls on the ground.

The bow hold you had right before the pencil fell is a very good and relaxed bow hold.

This exercise makes you realize how little effort it takes to hold your bow.

Many people are afraid that the bow will fall while playing, but this doesn’t happen that quickly. Don’t worry… relax! 😉

With a relaxed bow hold you can move along with the straight movement of the bow, making a tone with a good resonance and making smooth bow changes.

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