How to Hold Your Violin or Viola Bow?

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Bowing Technique, Play Comfortably, Start to Play

How to build up your own bow hold!

I’m making a few videos on the basics of violin playing. In this video I will explain how to build up your own bow hold.

  1. Make sure that you keep your bow straight and you use your left hand as a help hand. The easiest way to do it is to straighten your arms and let go of the bow with your right hand and shake it until it’s loose and relaxed.
  2. Make sure you approach holding the bow very clumsy and relaxed. Put your hand on the end of the bow and your fingers should be over the frog. Don’t hold the frog with your fingers.
  3. First, you’re going to place your thumb. It should be bent a little, never over-stretch it. Place your thumb before the frog, between the stick and the hair. Your nail should point in the direction of the tip.
  4. Secondly, put your pinky nicely rounded and flexible on the stick.
  5. Put your index finger in a way that the bow lies in between your knuckle and the upper phalanx.
  6. This is your bow hold!

I’ve got two little exercises to practice the bow hold, because it must be flexible while playing. The first exercise is to do the bow hold, but on the balance point of your bow. Find the balance point and move the bow up and down with your pinky. The second exercise is to hold the bow at the balance point and flip it over with your wrist and a straight arm.


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