The Future of Holistic Violin Playing and Online Violin Learning with Heather Broadbent

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In this episode of Violin Lounge TV I interview holistic violinist and online violin teacher Heather Broadbent. 

See Heather’s website Online Violin:

“WE are truly the instruments of instruments: the violin can be locked in the case and without us it’s not getting played. WE really have to take care of US: our brain, our body and our instrument.”

In this interview we talk about:

The amazing effects of Skype learning and video training: You can have a breakthrough on something you are struggling with for years while having weekly real life lessons with a violin teacher.

How Heather almost had to give up her career as a violinist due to a broken wrist, but it appeared to be a blessing in disguise and she became… a holistic violinist.

The importance of a ‘second opinion’ on your violin play, because there are so many ways to learn something and you have to do it the way that resonates with you.

Violinists shouldn’t bang their heads against the wall if they can’t master a certain skill… we talk about how to…

Violin playing is hard enough as it is and our shared mission to make it easy, doable and accessible.

We make a time capsule and talk about the future of Heather’s Online Violin and Zlata’s Violin Lounge within the context of violin playing and online violin learning. In this we predict an explosion of the violin through-out the world.

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