6 Tips to Improve the Tone on Your Violin

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Hello Zlata. My name is Wendy. I’ve been playing violin for 19 months. Now I’m kind of lost because I don’t know what should I practice to improve the tone. 

 I think I didn’t press the bow and my bowhold is relax too.

 Overall I think I’m bowing right, I have watched many violin playing videos and I always pay attention to players posture.

If you have time to take a look at my video and give me some advices I’ll be really appreciated. Thank you again for being patient with a beginner like me.


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6 Tips to improve Wendy’s tone (and perhaps yours too)

Tip 1 Untighten your bow a little, so you can use the suspension system of your bow.

Tip 2 Your bow is pivoted, so you use just a little hair, use a little more hair to have a more full and rich sound

Tip 3 You bow at the upper half, perhaps you could bow more in the middle of the bow to have a more full sound

Tip 4 If you replace your strings, consider taking nylon or synthetic core strings. They will sound a bit warmer and more subtle. Also they will play more comfortable.

Tip 5 Your bow hold is relaxed and moves along the bow nicely, but you could try to make your fingers a bit more round and flexible.


Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Tip 6 Your right arm and shoulder seem to be a bit tensed. Try to relax your shoulder, so it goes down a bit. Make your arm heavy and bow from the weight of your arm, not the pressure. In this way you will have a more smooth bowing with more air.

I hope these tips will be useful to lots of violinists and violists!

It it useful for you? Please let me know in the comments below!



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  1. hellen juma

    I’m so happy I have just learned playing violin for the first time,thank you


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