Zither Violin Stand Review

by | Mar 20, 2019 | 2 comments

With a violin stand you practice more, as you can grab your violin easily!

I review this beautiful solid mahogany stand for violin and viola with bow holder

Why would you want to have a violin stand?

You practice more often as you can quickly grab your violin for just a couple of minutes of playing. You probably know those moments you want to practice, but you don’t want open your case, put on the shoulder rest, put away your case again etc for just a small practice session.

Another benefit is that your violin will stay in tune longer than it does when you take it in and out of the case everytime.

I LOVE the Zither stand for violin and viola with bow holder

The solid mahogany looks beautiful and matches the color of my violin. Everything is of high quality. As I show in the video it’s very quick and easy to assemble. It holds my violin and bow in a safe way.

Tips when buying a violin stand:

  • The actual hold that touches your instrument musn’t be too soft or too hard. It should be shaped to the violin.
  • It’s handy when the stand can hold your bow as well! Preferably in a way that the bow doesn’t touch the instrument.
  • The stand itself must be stable, so it doesn’t fall easily.

Is a violin stand something you’d like to have?

Leave a comment below if you think a violin stand is handy. Where do you put your violin in between your practice sessions?

  • PERFECT FOR ANY VIOLIN OR VIOLA OWNER – Show off your prized instrument in any environment with a finely handcrafted violin stand. 31″ of clearance from cradle to base, perfect for full size instruments.
  • INDIVIDUALLY HAND-CRAFTED using premium solid wood
  • STABLE AND STRONG – Display your violins with confidence. Features the USA-made String Swing cradle, the finest available, safe for nitro finished instruments.
  • ASSEMBLES QUICKLY & EASILY Requires only a Phillips head screwdriver and takes just minutes.
  • Your stand will get BETTER WITH AGE. The hand rubbed oil finish hardens in the wood, not on the wood. BONUS – Free bottle of lemon oil included to keep your stand looking shiny and new.

Most valued features:

  • Beautiful solid wood
  • Safe way to hold your violin and bow
  • Practice more with a violin stand!


  1. Hendriëtta

    I like the Zither stand!!!! But I don’t really have the money for this, but I am going to ask this for my birthday or something, because I really really want to have it!!!!!

    By the way, I really love your videos and they’re very useful!!!! Thank you for that!!!!!!


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