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by | Nov 13, 2019 | 6 comments

The Fiddlerman hybrid violin bow is a combination of wood and carbon fiber. Is it really the best of both worlds? Listen and find out:

The Fiddlerman Hybrid Bow is a very interesting combination with a carbon fiber core and pernambuco wood wrapping. Find out in this video if it’s the best of both worlds!

It can be difficult to find a decent wooden bow at in the $100 price point. For that reason, a hybrid bow like this one with a very traditional look may be the perfect solution!

How does it sound?

This hybrid bow seems to sound a bit mellow but still has a very full sound. I like that it jumps very easily and responds very well so you feel like you are in control.

I did notice that during spiccato it sticks to the string a little and it’s a bit harder to make it jump. On the other hand it’s very stable in legato and detaché.

In general, it sounds more mellow, softer, and has less side sound than other bows such as the Fiddlerman Weave violin bow. It does have a better balance, but does stick to the string a bit more.

Click here to compare this bow to the Fiddlerman Weave violin bow in the same price range.

So what do you think?

Let me know if the comments below if you like the idea of a hybrid bow and it’s sound.

Here’s what the Fiddlershop.com says:

  • Hand-finished “Hybrid” Carbon Fiber Core Violin Bow (Pernambuco-wrapped Carbon Fiber Stick)
  • Weighs approximately 60-62 grams
  • Quality Siberian Horse Hair
  • Nicely Decorated Copper Mounted Ebony Frog
  • Great Balance and Weight Distribution
  • Nice Arch with Good Bounce and Action

The Fiddlerman bows were created to outperform any bows in the same price range, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! These bows play better than inexpensive wood violin bows!

This Hybrid Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow is manufactured to replicate the perfect weight and curve of an expensive Pernambuco wood bow. Anything short of a quality wood bow will most likely not give you the right weight distribution or curve and playability.

This is the perfect violin bow upgrade if you have purchased a beginner or intermediate violin outfit.

Most valued features:

  • Price
  • Stiffness
  • Balance
  • Bounce
  • Sound quality

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  1. Pamela D. Gossage

    Hi,I like the carbon fiber hybrid violin bow.How close to the stick should the hairs be. Does it matter
    Hope its okay. Yes I will keep this bow in mind for the future.

    Thank you,
    Pam Gossage

      • Lisa

        I have had some wood bows warp over time. I understand carbon-fiber bows have an advantage over wood in that this is not an issue. Curious about the hybrid bow in regards to this.

      • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

        That’s certainly an advantage, Lisa. Hybrid bows have a carbon fiber core, making them less sensitive for warping. However, to be sure, go for a full carbon fiber bow if you live somewhere where the climate isn’t that nice for wooden bows.

  2. Jackie Larkins

    Hello! I am a 62 year old beginner at violin. I just bought a Used 2002 student level Eastman VL100 Violin in excellent condition. It came with a very low quality bow. Would this bow be a good fit for me and my Eastman? I will be practicing and playing on the front porch in the evenings while my dog Brody watches for deer here in rural Kentucky, U.S.A.
    Thanks for your opinion and review of this bow.
    I really like the wood look and I’m trying to decide between this hybrid or the basic Fiddlerman graphite bow.
    Kindest Regards,

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Hi Jackie, welcome to Violin Lounge! Yes, it would be a good match. You can check out other bow reviews in my bow guide right here. Happy practicing together with Brody! (hmmm, now I’m thinking about the taste of deer, yummie)


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