Are old violins better? Kennedy Violins review | Violin Lounge TV #537

by | Nov 22, 2023 | 4 comments

Can you hear the 200 years difference an old and new violin?

Join me in my rehearsal and discover the differences

In this video you’ll come with me to my pianist where I will try out two totally different violins. Also you’ll discover if an old violin is really better and what the differences are.

Video content:

00:49 Zubak Soloist demo 1
02:11 German demo 1
03:30 Zubak Soloist demo 2
04:43 German demo 2
06:10 What my pianist Mari thinks
09:06 Pros and cons of new vs old violins
10:24 Do old violins better maintain their value?
11:52 My opinion on the Zubak Soloist violin
13:56 Testing the harmonics
14:58 What difference a bow makes
15:43 Giuliani pro bow demo
16:50 CodaBow Marquise demo
17:58 Arcus S9 violin bow demo
19:30 Customizing your violin set

Violin Features

Zubak Soloist violin by Kennedy Violins

  • Pre-strung with your choice of professional strings
  • Custom-fit French Aubert bridge with parchment installed on E string
  • Pre-installed E-string fine tuner
  • Professional Pirastro rosin
  • Highest grade 100% genuine ebony fittings, including smoothed fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece
  • Solid hand-carved, tiger-flamed maple back and sides
  • Solid hand-carved European maple back and spruce top
  • Inlaid purfling
  • German spirit varnish
  • Handmade construction

Featured violin bows

Giuliani Pro violin bow

CodaBow Marquise violin bow

Arcus S9 violin bow

Most valued features:

  • professional set up
  • pleasure to play
  • good resonance
  • lots of customization options

Hi! I'm Zlata

Let me help you find a great bow for your violin, so you can improve your bowing technique and sound quality:


  1. Yvonne Berkemeijer

    Thank you Zlata, I truly was waiting for this! This is good information about a beautiful violin. I just needed that.
    Where I live now, I have many better opportunities, to let my violin be checked or repaired.

    • Zlata

      Wonderful, Yvonne!

  2. Timothy Masters

    Thank you for that interesting video. I very clearly heard the difference in the two violins. I personally preferred the newer one, only because it had a brighter sound, a strong presence. I suspect that if I played in an orchestra, or perhaps even a string quartet, I would prefer the older violin for its superior ability to blend into the ensemble. But I play folk music, and I want my violin to stand out from the other instruments, taking a strong lead rather than blending into the mix.

    I do have a couple comments on that case you demonstrated. I have that case, and for the most part I love it. But it has two problems that drive me crazy. First, this is by far the worst case in my huge collection for the bow holder snagging hairs and breaking them when you remove the bow from the case. Getting the bow out without losing at least one hair is a slow, delicate process.

    The other problem is that when you open the case and take the violin out, you can’t just leave it open on the table. The case is unbalanced, so as soon as you remove the violin it easily flips over backwards. Many of us play multiple instruments and want to quickly set one instrument in its case and grab another. Or we might want to leave it open for easy access to rosin or a tuner. Unfortunately, this is the only case I’ve ever seen that makes this impossible.

    But otherwise it’s a great case for the price.

    • Zlata

      Thanks for sharing that experience, Timothy!


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