Arcus M, P and S-series Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Review | Violin Lounge TV #329

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Arcus carbon fiber violin bow reviews: differences between S-series, M-series and P-series. Watch these demonstrations:

So you have decided you want a beautiful Arcus bow, but with so many options in their collection how do you know which one to choose?

Let concert violinist Giedrė and I demonstrate the different bows and discuss the differences so you can choose the best fit for you!

Arcus S-series Violin Bow

Upon playing Giedrė, immediately noticed her violin sounds the best with an S-series bow. The sound is brilliant and light and really pierces through.

Arcus M-series Violin Bow

On the other hand, the M-series bow was a bit darker and heavier to play. It was a little more resistant so there was more effort put into the bowing techniques to achieve the sound you want. It is a good violin bow but you can hear and feel the difference after playing the S-series.

Arcus P-series Violin Bow

The difference between the M and the P series was not all that different, although the sound did seem a bit darker with the P-series bow Also, there does seem to be some extra effort involved compared to the S-series bow.


So which Arcus Violin Bow is our top pick?

Overall the S-series Violin Bow is the favorite! From the stability to the jumping qualities. It makes it easy to combine different violin techniques, giving a round sound on the lower strings and a brilliant sound on the higher strings.

Let us know in the comments if the M, P, or S-series violin bow would be the best one for you!

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