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The Confidence Paradox

In this episode I share with you my personal (embarrassing) experience with the confidence paradox. I hope you can learn from my mistakes.  Just before I went to study at the conservatory I played quite some gigs here and there. I often played all alone without...

3 Tips To Play Together From the Heart

In this episode of Violin Lounge TV I answer a question from one of our viewers Maddy. She writes: Hi, I think you should do a video on not just learning how to play the notes in a piece but to really put passion or some umph into it. My whole band and I struggle with...

How to play SHENANDOAH on the Violin?

In this video I teach you how to play Shenandoah very easily on the violin. It can all be done in the first position. Will you play along with me? Enjoy! Click here to download the sheet music. Judex asks: Hi Zlata ! I just bought your Violin Lounge TV 2013 DVD box. I...