No 1 Mistake in Practicing the Violin or Viola

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This episode of Violin Lounge TV is about the No 1 mistake people make in practicing the violin or viola…

People don’t really know what practicing is and because of that… they don’t really practice.

I will give you some tips to make your practice time more efficient and effective.

When you start to play the violin or viola, you can play the tunes in your book almost right away. Perhaps at this point your practice consists of playing through the piece three times.

When you play piece, you are playing… not really practicing. You are not focused on a specific subject. Subjects could be for example bowing, rhythm, intonation or tone.

In the video I demonstrate how people practice without focus and fight themselves through the notes time after time and think they are done practicing.

In the video I also demonstrate how to practice focused on a specific aspect of your playing and on a tiny fragment of your piece: chords, bowing, timing, rhythm, variations, side exercises etc.

In the end you can play through the piece as part of practicing. This is to bring all the pieces together and to see how the piece has improved is a whole.

When you really want to improve, focus on the specific aspect and/or fragment you want to improve on. After improving, try to fit it into the whole piece.

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