Too Strong for Too Long

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‘It took a lot of effort, because your muscles are so strong’

On my way back from the Thai massage to fix my chronic neck issues something about this remark struck me: I’ve always seen my neck as my weak spot. If I’m stressed or do a lot, it’s always my neck that starts tensing up and hurting. You can even see how my muscles turn into swollen steel cables.

I don’t know if this phrase was accidentally translated in this way or if this is the way the Thai masseuse looks at this. Perhaps my muscles aren’t weak. Perhaps they’ve been very strong… just for too long.

Does my neck need to be strengthened… or does it need to be softened?

Stretching works a bit for me, but exercises quickly make my injury worse. Not as in good muscle strain, but as in overload and just extra burden on top of everything.

About this disgustingly romanticized world breastfeeding week…

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

Playing the violin professionally, lifting around three babies under the age of two day in day out and doing a lot of computer work for my online business is simply strain for my neck and shoulders. It starts every day from the moment I wake up to when I go to bed.

I love this life, but I know that this is very demanding for my body. Just as a ballerina might not find pointe shoes the most comfy thing, she wears them for her artistic expression. I mean, Crocs or Birkenstocks in the Swan Lake would be a little less magical, wouldn’t they?

Language we use for our bodies, influences our minds, how we feel and in the end how we carry our bodies and what actions we take. As a violinist I experience daily how our mind, emotions and intentions instantly influence our find motor skills.

If you’d own a million dollar race horse… how would you treat the animal? Would you overload it until he collapses? Or would you give him the best food, treatments, exercise and rest? Now… treat yourself even better than a horse ;).


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