PURGE my CLOSET with me (from drama to joy)

by | Jun 28, 2021 | 6 comments

Finally I ended my lifetime struggles and insecurities around what to wear

In this video I purge my closet and find my personal style:

Yay, I fit into ALL my dresses from before I birthed 3 babies in 1,5 year

and I’m only 4 months post partum. Nice to know, BUT… I discovered thanks to this wonderful book Worthy of Wearing by Nicole Caruso that clothes and style shouldn’t only fit your size, but also (and especially) your mission and vocation. A lot has changed in that area!

My days have changed from playing concerts and working in my brick and mortar violin studio to playing with my three babies and running an online violin platform from home.

I don’t have much clothes for my day to day life and picking clothes costs a lot of time, frustration and energy.

What I learned from this book is that it’s not vain or distractive to spend time figuring out your personal style. Actually wearing what you love and fits your vocation, saves you time and cheers you up to tackle the day better.

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

I never thought I’d buy a book about style, but I felt a clear nudge when I came across this one and I’m happy I bought it.

For the first time in my life I’m feeling that clothes can become a form of creative expression for me and support me instead of being a daily hurdle, frustration and insecurity.

Heck, I even enjoy pinning new styles on my Pinterest board while breastfeeding the youngest.

I’m purging my wardrobe to get some space and cash to invest in new pieces. You can see all of this in the video above.

Have your struggled with what to wear?

Let’s chat in the comments below!


  1. Wendy

    I really liked your video! I’m in the process of purging my clothing, also!
    I’m home most days and I babysit my grandsons, so I need easy to wear, but cute clothes, (even though I’m almost 62!). I’ve been very style and color conscious, since I was a little girl, and pinks, blues, along with jewel tone greens, are my favorite colors most seasons. In summer, I love to wear white. So, while purging (2 whole garbage-sized bags), I made sure to keep plenty of these colored items, that I already loved. I appreciate the detail you went into about why you chose the styles you did. It helped me realize why I purged some of what I did. Please keep us posted on any updates or ideas you make or have, as you go along!

    • Zlata

      I’m happy you like this little side road video, Wendy. More have asked to make an update when my wardrobe is purged and changed, so I will definitely do that :).

  2. Anka Voskuilen

    Romantic: I would have guessed that. I have seen your interior design.
    Last year I also decised to change my style. I don’t want to wear trousers anymore and I like Gudrun sjoden clothes a lot. That is a swedish designer. Most dresses have pockets. IDEAL! It is romantic, very comfortable and you can combine everything. I love it a lot. All dresses problems for me are over!

    • Zlata

      That sounds great and I so often miss pockets as well!

  3. Jill Stephen

    Thank you. Zlata. You. Have inspired me to look out for the book and sort my own dress issues out. I think it is wonderful to be an individual and it’s good that we should be happy and proud of who we are. We are all different and that makes the world go round.

    • Zlata

      Exactly, Jill, enjoy the process!


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