How journaling can help you get clear on and reach your goals

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Whether is to be a happy and fulfilled mom, to boost my business or to get a creative project out in the world, the most helpful tool for me is journaling.

Now I don’t mean the ‘dear diary, today I ate carrots’ type of journaling, but free writing. I don’t like carrots anyway.

Writing in free flow puts your intuition on paper, deals with ‘stuff’ that’s lingering in your mind and structures your goals, ideas and plans.

There are several techniques, but it’s important to not make it too complicated. What helps for me is to have some prompts, a block-note and a pen that writes easily.

The idea is not that you write a well thought out article. Just let the words flow without judgement. You want your plans to represent what you truly want without the layers of ‘stuff’ from others.

Try the prompt ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if…’ and for 15 minutes just let the pen move. You can write the same several times or you can write random words as long as you don’t correct yourself. You should be surprised about ideas that suddenly appear on the paper.

journaling to reach your goals

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Keep the pen moving. That’s what’s most important. 

Don’t stop your hand to think, because then you’ll block your flow, censor yourself or water down your plans to what you think is realistic or what you should do.

Yes, fill as much space and paper as you like. Keep writing, writing, writing.

What could come out is complaining about a situation with a family member or friend, some doubts or beliefs you want to get rid of or maybe a million dollar idea. The first couple of times you might even just see some random words and scribbling on the paper.

Just as with violin playing, you need to practice this for a while to see results. I’m journaling for years and I get to deeper and deeper layers. My life and business are more and more designed and aligned to my true desires.

My favorite moment to journal is in de morning BEFORE I open my phone and before my family wakes up. Your brain won’t be cluttered yet with all the stuff of the day. I grab a cup of coffee, do some stretches and just start to write.

Try it and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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