How I made my business pandemic proof by going from 300 products to 3

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In 2019 I had a brick and mortar violin shop, a webshop, a violin studio with four teachers and sold online courses. I was selling around 300 different products and services. Also I was stressed out all the time by the things I did and guilty for the things I didn’t.

I pruned my business when pregnant of my twins. For a while I just promoted one online program. Slowly I added more, but I’m promoting only one thing at a time.

My financial results got better: less products meant more profit. I can work where, when and how I want. For me this means working from home with three babies and having no appointments. I finally honour my introvert nature.

It was a big leap to prune my business, but it’s worth it. Feel into how you want your business and life to look and don’t listen to what people think it should. I’ve see time after time the ‘rules’ don’t apply. Go for it!

How would doing business on your terms look like for you? Leave a comment!

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