How To Make Your Personal Practice Schedule?

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Practice make perfect!

Yes, it certainly does, but only if you practice a lot in an efficient and effective way.

Practice makes perfect: how to create your personal practice schedule

When practicing to play the violin or viola, you may find yourself struggling to stick to an organised schedule or you may not book the results you want in the time you had planned.

You can make your practice routine more efficient and rewarding! In this video I explain what your practice package must consist of to maximize the results from your practice time.

There are two main components to consider when thinking of a practice schedule: technique and pieces.


Practicing technique in general is never a bad idea, but adjusting the technique you practice to the piece that you are playing at the moment, will make your practice a lot more satisfying.

You will find yourself feeling more rewarded if the you can hear the result of your practice in the pieces that you are playing!

The technique you choose to improve depends on your current goal in violin playing. Based on the piece you are playing, choose a technique you want to improve and focus on this during your practice.

You can choose to practice one or several skills at the same time.


There are three types of pieces you should keep in mind when creating a practice schedule.

Pieces under your level: these types of pieces should be rather easy for you and you can use them to implement new techniques and skills. If you are asked to perform a piece, these are the pieces you can play easily and with confidence!

Pieces on your level: the difficulty of these pieces should really match your current level. They should not be too easy or too difficult. When practicing these kind of pieces, you can usually hear results fast! Study and practice these pieces to improve your playing and general technique.

Pieces above your level: these pieces should be challenging for you. Practicing them will take some time and acquires dedication. These are the pieces that will take your playing to the next level! You might struggle practicing these type of pieces, but in the end this will really improve your playing skills.


  1. Eliane De Moor

    Thank you for your help and support. I am now a bit more in the clear of the steps I need to take to continue playing the violin and the way to follow.
    I received the first video on Playing in Tune and I hope I will also get the next ones as the introduction promissed to be of great help to me.
    I don’t only have to tell myself to be more relaxed but I know a bit better how to feel it now.

  2. Jude

    Hi Zlata! I just started viola beginning of December, find a local teacher who is a very talented professional and had one lesson before the holidays. I used to play cello for only a few months at high school, but I was very undisciplined and uncommitted. But I always regretted it, but wanted to find something a bit more practical.. I found your videos on YouTube which are so helpful! Now my practice starts with the vertical bow hold, walking fingers up and down the length of it, stretching exercises as you describe to lengthen the left hand muscles, this is quite charming but I’m noticing a difference even after a few days! Then I start my workbook from a page or two before the one I finished on last time, so its easy and familiar, and work on until my mistress start to get sore! At the end I like to just improvise with what I know without sheet music and I usually find new harmonies, new fingering patterns and comfortable flow with the music. This is so exciting for me, because I’m very relaxed at making a nice noise that flows while I remember the day’s lesson! Then I finish up with some more wrist stretches and shoulder rolls. Thank you for your personal story on your web page, it’s very inspiring and impressive, you have been so determined and recognised positivity where you found it and followed your heart.

    • Jude

      Typos! Stretching the left arm muscles is very effective! And I play till my muscles get sore, I don’t have a mistress

    • Violinist Zlata

      Hi Jude, thanks for sharing and I’m very glad my videos help you and my story has inspired you!



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