How Hard is it to Learn Violin?

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Do you want to starting playing the violin?

It’s known as the most difficult musical instrument to play

How difficult is it really and why?

Violin Difficulty nr 1: Find the notes on the fingerboard

Playing in tune is one of the biggest challenges on the violin. On the piano you can hit a key and the note is in tune. On the guitar you can place your finger on the fret and you have the right note.

On the violin you’ll have to find your way on an empty fingerboard. The notes are quite close together and the higher notes on the string are even closer together. Do you want to know how that looks like exactly? Download my violin fingering chart with the exact spots of all notes on the violin.

Why don’t we just put frets or stickers on the violin fingerboard?

Well, a guitar and piano are always a tiny bit out of tune and can’t be adjusted to create subtle changes in intonation based on the music you play.

When you would do this on a violin, with it’s characteristic sound, it would sound off.

How to learn the notes on the violin?

This starts with learning finger by finger in the first position, which is lowest on the string. Practicing a lot of scales and position shift exercises you start to get to know the whole fingerboard better and better.

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Violin Difficulty nr 2: Make a good sound with the bow

The bow is the breath, voice and lips of the violin

A typical beginner sound is caused by not knowing exactly how to move the bow fluently over the string on exactly the right spot with exactly the right pressure and speed.

Changing from upbow and downbow fluently is also a real challenge in the beginning and can sound scratchy.

You might think finding the notes is most difficult, but it’s the bowing that causes the feared ‘cat being tortured’ sound.

Now that’s just creating a decent sound quality. I didn’t even talk about the 24 different bowing techniques that are possible or all the subtle ways to colour your sound.

You can learn it!

Don’t get discouraged. If you’re willing to practice daily, invest in lessons (online or offline) and be consistent for years, you can learn to play the violin beautifully at every age.

Will you start to learn the violin?

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