10 WAYS to MAKE MONEY ONLINE from your MUSIC HOBBY in 2021 | Violin Lounge TV #369

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Do you know you don’t need a music degree or professional skill set to make money online from your music hobby?

In this video I share 10 ways:

Are you saving up for your dream violin and bow or want some extra family income in these crazy times?

These 10 tips will help you earn money from home:

#1 Make music merch

Design a beautiful shirt, mug or tote bag and sell it on platforms like Spreadshirt or Teespring.

#2 Get even more creative and craft beautiful music gifts, jewelry etc on Etsy

Are you handy and crafty? This is a great way to combine two hobbies and earn some extra cash.

#3 Digitize sheet music and offer your services on Fiverr

This is easy to do with free software like Musescore. Be aware not to violate copyrights.

#4 Arrange music

Make beautiful arrangement of a trending pop song for string quartet for example and sell it on Sheet Music Plus, Score Exchange, even Amazon or whatever platform you want. You could also make arrangements on assignment at Fiverr.

#5 Put sheet music and performances in Soundslice

This is a great practice tool! Besides the sheet music and performance tracks, you can add in accompaniments you find on YouTube and sync them or add your own. Be aware not to violate copyrights.

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Hi! I'm Zlata

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#6 Become an affiliate

Recommend sheet music, books and handy violin stuff on for example Amazon, share your special link (while being helpful and not spammy) and get a commission on the sales.

Same goes for lessons. You can share Itzhak’s Perlman’s course at Masterclass.com for a commission or become a Violin Lounge ambassador.

#7 Start a progress channel on YouTube

From experience I know that you must have an extremely popular channel to earn a substantial amount from ads, but if you combine the above ways with a YouTube audience, this can become interesting.

#8 Blog about music

Are you more of a writer? Create a blog on music and/or your violin progress. You can display ads and share affiliate links.

#9 Review and recommend violins, bows, strings and accessories

You can review products and be an affiliate for Amazon, Fiddlershop or whatever.

#10 Start a podcast

Interview musicians or share your own expertise and attract sponsors. You can start with Soundcloud, use iTunes connect and post it on YouTube with Tunestotube. Check out in your favorite podcast app which podcasts are already out there to get inspired.

This all sure takes some time and effort, but it’s all from the comfort of your home and whenever you feel like!

You’ll serve the violin community and have some fun along the way

For all methods it’s helpful if you build an audience on social media, you can share your stuff with. You can build this by being helpful in YouTube comments and Facebook groups and by publishing useful articles and videos.

Although there are definitely people earning a good income from these tips I gave you, I have to note here that these are more tips for a side income and not really things for a professional. If you want to make a full-time income online from music like me, selling your own products or courses is a better way.

Share in the comments below which of these ways speaks to you most!

What’s your goal with your side hustle? Perhaps your dream violin or bow… I’d love to know which one! Or perhaps lessons with your favorite teacher or performer?


  1. Leah Hamdaoui

    Hello Zlata and thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us. As every bit of income these days helps then this is a welcome topic 🙂 I really like the idea of doing Podcasts, interviewing musicians as I believe music is such a communal activity so hearing about the ideas and motivations behind playing the piece of music are not only of interest but also helpful in our musical formation. In listening we are taken away by the music (rightly so) and all the effort and skills of the player are masked behind the wonder that is ART. So making money from ones ‘art’ whether that be in performing it or revealing it is surely the best and most gratifying living.


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