10 SUZUKI VIOLIN LEVELS (violinist plays through all books) | Violin Lounge TV #423

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I’ve never had a Suzuki violin lesson in my life, but was just interested to browse through the books:

Hi! I'm Zlata

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Suzuki is a violin method from Japan that’s mainly popular in the United States, teaching the violin with a repertoire that has a clear emphasis on baroque and classical repertoire. There are many great violinist that started out with the Suzuki method and even more great violinist that learned all without the Suzuki method.

In Europe the usual way is the traditional method with scales, etudes and pieces cut to the individual students guided by beginner books from for example Doflein or Sassmanshaus.

Remember it’s always the teacher teaching and not the method

Your results depend on your practice quality, talent, teacher and what he adds to or instead the Suzuki books in terms of exercises, scales, etudes and repertoire, especially the more romantic and modern repertoire that Suzuki lacks.

Difference between the books and the method

Key in the Suzuki method is the connection between teacher, parent and student, the group lessons and learning the pieces by ear from your teacher. Self learning from the Suzuki books is totally different from following the Suzuki method.

From which violin book are you learning?

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  1. Sara Harkins

    I am currently trying to learn from Suzuki, Essentials for Strings, and Wohlfhahrt books. My husband, who is a viola player, is trying to teach me when we have time (there are no string teachers within 100 miles of my home), so this is mostly self taught with him trying to act as a Suzuki method teacher. I do know, from better than 30 years of playing other instruments, that I cannot learn by ear, so I am having trouble with that part of the method. However, as I play six other instruments so at least the music reading and theory is already known.

    Both my husband and I learned other instruments (viola for him, trumpet for me, recorder for both) from Suzuki books, though not with the method. Music teachers are very rare where we live.

      • Sara Harkins

        Thank you. I will start learning one of those, though I’m not sure they are easy enough for me. I’m a very beginning player, who has never played a string instrument, unless you count the piano.

      • Zlata

        Happy practicing!

  2. Paul


    • Zlata

      Thanks, Paul 🙂

  3. Kathryn

    I was given the first book with a cheap violin I bought (before I knew better). I use it as extra practice. I loved watching your video!!! You are WONDERFUL!!

    • Zlata

      Thank you, Kathryn 🙂

  4. Emmanuel

    That’s great, I also started playing violin, using Suzuki method and I also use the same method to teach all my new learners. There are also level one to three ensamble books, which I used to start our orchestra.

    • Zlata

      That sounds like fun!


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