Why every violinist should play BACH daily | Violin Lounge TV #488

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At each level of violin playing, you’ll benefit a lot from studying the 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1001-1006

If you’re anywhere serious about learning violin, you NEED to study JS Bach’s violin solo works

Click here to download the free violin sheet music for Bach’s sonatas and partitas for solo violin.

If you’re not playing so long, you can start with the movements in first position like the Bouree and Gigue from the 3rd partita. As an intermediate violinist with all the beautiful minuets and doubles, you’ll always have a beautiful performance piece ready. Advanced violinists can be challenged by the more difficult fugues and Chaconne. Here’s my difficulty ranking of all the movements of Bach’s solo works.

Join my Bach online course and community

I’m honored to work together with the concert violinists Antal Zalai, who as made recordings of the full 6 Sonatas and Partitas. We created an online course, where you can practice along with the dynamical sheet music, watch Antal’s instruction videos on each movement and get personal guidance and feedback by me.

Read more about my Bach online course right here!


  1. Alan Knights

    I know I am only scratching the surface. I have noticed antel is Hungarian and I believe Bach was influenced by Hungarian style of fiddle playing in his day, as the Austro Hungarian empire was a strong force then. In the 19th century Brahms studied Bach and realised his Hungarian tendance and developed it.

    • Zlata



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