Watch Me Practice – Brahms Violin Concerto | Violin Lounge TV #434

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Practice Tips | 6 comments

Real, raw and unedited practice session of a violinist on the Brahms violin concerto

Get inspired for your practice!

This is the scariest video I’ve ever made

Without edits I show you how I practice the Brahms violin concerto that I’m working on. I show you how I learn this piece and you’ll see me struggle.

The quality of your playing as as good as your practice

We don’t see other violinists practice that often. I’m definitely not perfect, but I hope that this video can inspire you for your own practice and progress on the violin.

What do you want to see me practice next?

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  1. Elizabeth Shepic

    Love this. Can you play the Bruch?

    • Zlata

      Great idea! I’ve played it a lot.

  2. Amanda Mylcraine

    Thank you so much! It’s awesome to watch a teacher practice. I think it’s very important because sometimes students feel like they are the only ones who struggle!

    • Zlata

      Every level a new devil!

  3. Sylvia Ladan

    I have often struggled with my practice time – was I using it efficiently. Thank you for this video. Not at all boring – watched it to the very end. It will help me a lot. You have encouraged me a great deal.

    • Zlata

      I’m so happy to read that, Sylvia, glad my struggles as helpful, haha!


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