St Anthony’s Chorale by Haydn – Video Exchange with Anne

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Anne was so kind and courageous to send in her video where she plays the St Anthony’s Chorale by Haydn

For all of you to benefit we do a video exchange lesson in which I give her specific tips to improve her performance of this piece

As Anne plays very well and the intonation and rhythm are not the problem, so we mainly talk about bowing, dynamics and phrasing in this lesson

There are 5 ways to play loud and soft as I explain in this video lesson. Most people only use one or two. Expanding the ways you control dynamics in your violin playing, will give you more variation in the sound you create and the expression in your music.

The 5 ways to change dynamics in your violin playing are:

  • how much of the bow you use
  • tilting your bow
  • more or less weight
  • contact point: the place of the bow on the string
  • change your bow division

Phrasing (musical sentences) also adds more expression to your playing. In the video above I explain this more in details with examples on how to apply this to the St Anthony’s Chorale by Haydn.


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