Where to buy your first violin, viola or cello?

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In my work I have met a lot of beginning players who bought a violin, viola or cello which they thought was payable and playable. After some months they discovered that the instrument isn’t adjusted in a good way, cannot be tuned and sounds like a cigar box. Most of the times the (web)shop who sold them the instrument, does nothing about it.

For a while they think it’s their inability to play the instrument, but slowly they start to discover that it is the instrument that causes their problems. Unfortunately most of the times they learn this after they bought an instrument and not before.

A bad instrument can ruin your self-esteem and your enthusiasm for playing a bowed instrument. And we as violinists want the whole world to enjoy playing a violin, viola or cello like we do. Don’t we?

It’s such a waste of time, money and energy. Every time I meet someone who is so disappointed, it really touches me.

So… I am trying to change that. I try to inform beginning players about the essentials of a payable and playable instrument, BEFORE they buy or rent it.

In my video series ‘6 essentials for a payable and playable violin, viola or cello’ I have showed you what the most important characteristics of a payable and playable violin, viola or cello are, and how to recognize them yourself.

Of course you can select a good instrument yourself. Violins, viola’s and cello’s are made out of wood, which is a natural product. Even if you are able to select a good instrument it’s very important to make sure that the place where you buy it offers information, service and guarantee after you bought the instrument. You need to trust the person/shop that sells you your instrument.

I hope this video is useful to you. Please let me know in the comments!



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It’s important to buy your violin at a place where they’re specialized in bowed instruments and offer good quality products.

Most valued features:

  • Advice
  • Service

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