What Items Should You Have in Your Violin or Viola Case?

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These are the 14 items I usually have in my violin or viola case:

Take a look in Zlata’s case…

What items are essential for every violinist or violist?

What items should everybody have in the violin or viola case?

I will give you a sneak peek in my own personal violin case and show you what I carry around to rehearsals, lessons and performances.

  1. Violin
  2. Bow
  3. Orchestra mute
  4. Rubber practice mute
  5. Violin cleaning cloth
  6. Personal item (a picture of Picasso’s violin player)
    It is nice to have a personal thing with you if you are playing some time away from home.
  7. Shoulder rest
  8. Chin rest with a little gel rest on it
  9. Tuning fork
  10. Rosin
  11. Old bridge (not essential)
  12. Full spare set of strings
    Very useful for when a set breaks during a rehearsal or studying for example.
  13. Clip
    For when I am playing outside and it is windy: my music does not fly away!
  14. Pencil
    To write things down on the sheet music.

Then of course you need some additional items next to your violin or viola case:

  • Bag with sheet music
  • Music stand
  • Metronome

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Specifications of the cheap violin in this video:

1. Brand: Glarry
2. Model: None
3. Size: 4/4. but available in all sizes
4. Back/Side/Face Material: Matte Spruce Wood
5. Top/Violin Bridge Material: Maple Wood
6. Violin Bow Material: Arbor
7. Tailpiece Material: Aluminum Alloy
8. Fingerboard Material: Ebony
9. Chin Rest/Tuning Peg/End Pin Material: Dark Wood
10. Violin Color: Dark Goldenrod
11. String Material: Steel String

Most Important items to have as a violin player: 

  • Violin
  • Bow
  • Rosin
  • Case

Most valued features:

  • Violin
  • Bow
  • Rosin
  • Shoulder rest
  • Mute
  • Music stand

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  1. Bob

    Thanks Zlata. I just started violin 5 months ago and found you through twitter. I have been enjoying your videos. The bite sized tips are a good way to learn without getting overwhelmed in the beginning.


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