How to Mute Your Violin or Viola? Which Mute to Choose?

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You might want to mute your violin for several reasons:

  • You want to play ‘con sordino’ in an orchestra
  • You don’t want to bother your neighbors while practicing at home
  • You want to protect your hearing from the sound of your violin. 

Different situations require different mutes. In this video you will learn when to use which mute.

 The first type of mute is the orhcestral mute. This mute is put on the bridge, so the vibrations are not given to the sound board as much.

The seond mute is the practising mute There is a rubber practice mute that you can put all the way over your bridge. This gives less sound than the orchestral mute, but also sounds more nasal.

The third is the artino mute, which is metal from the inside and rubber from the inside. You place it on the bridge, similar to the practising mute. The more you press it on the bridge, the more it mutes. You can adjust this as you please. 


There are also metal mutes available. However, I would not recommend them, because they can damage your bridge. Moreover, they can easily fall off and damage your violin. The sounds also becomes a bit ‘metal’ and gives very sharp tones. Rubber mutes keep the nice violin sounds.

I hope this video is helpful for you!



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Specifications of the cheap violin in this video:

1. Brand: Glarry
2. Model: None
3. Size: 4/4. but available in all sizes
4. Back/Side/Face Material: Matte Spruce Wood
5. Top/Violin Bridge Material: Maple Wood
6. Violin Bow Material: Arbor
7. Tailpiece Material: Aluminum Alloy
8. Fingerboard Material: Ebony
9. Chin Rest/Tuning Peg/End Pin Material: Dark Wood
10. Violin Color: Dark Goldenrod
11. String Material: Steel String

There are mutes for:

  • orchestra ‘con sordino’ playing
  • practicing without disturbing your neighbors

Playing a mute is good when:

  • You play con sordino in an orchestra
  • You want to practice silently

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