How Important is the Quality of Your Violin or Viola Bow

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Did you know that finding your ideal bow is even more difficult than finding your ideal violin or viola?

How important is it to have your ideal bow?

With your ideal bow you can achieve more musically and technically.

The more your playing improves, the more you will demand from your bow.

What are the costs of a bow that matches your violin or viola?

What does the price of a bow consist of?

  • playing value
  • antique value
  • emotional value

I will explain everything about the importance of selecting an ideal bow in the video.

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Specifications of the cheap violin in this video:

1. Brand: Glarry
2. Model: None
3. Size: 4/4. but available in all sizes
4. Back/Side/Face Material: Matte Spruce Wood
5. Top/Violin Bridge Material: Maple Wood
6. Violin Bow Material: Arbor
7. Tailpiece Material: Aluminum Alloy
8. Fingerboard Material: Ebony
9. Chin Rest/Tuning Peg/End Pin Material: Dark Wood
10. Violin Color: Dark Goldenrod
11. String Material: Steel String

Bow price consists of:

  • playing value
  • antique value
  • emotional value

A bow can help you:

  • Create a better sound
  • Improve your bowing technique

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