10 Point Checklist for Your Violin or Viola Case

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This episode of Violin & Viola TV gives you a 10 point checklist for your violin or viola case. To keep your instrument in a good state it’s important to have a good case.

  1. Check the outside of your case: leather, fabric, plastic or carbon… it should be in a good state without damage.
  2. Your violin or viola should fit seamlessly in it’s case. It shouldn’t swim around, because it will damage on the road. Also the inside of your case must be nice and soft without damage or hard parts that can damage the varnish of your instrument.
  3. The bow holders should work properly. I’ve seen violins and viola’s with severe damage caused by the bow swimming around in the case while traveling.
  4. The tip of your bow should be protected very well by the case as it’s the weakest part of the bow.
  5. The zippers of your case should work well and the locks must be in a good state, so the case can’t suddenly open when you are traveling.
  6. The rucksack straps must be in a good condition and be firmly attached to the case. The handle of your case must also be in a good condition. In this way the case can’t suddenly fall.
  7. Your case must be in it’s original shape, not bumped in any way.
  8. You shouldn’t miss any parts of your case.
  9. The case shouldn’t damage your violin or viola and bow. There shouldn’t be places where the case puts pressure on your instrument for example.
  10. Your violin or viola should be fixed in your case and not be able to move around. If you are walking around with your case and you hear something rattle, check what this is.  Perhaps it’s just your rosin moving around in it’s compartment.

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