Elegy by James Biery

Elegy for Violin and Organ by James Biery

by | Jan 20, 2021 | 16 comments

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Performance by violinist Zlata Brouwer and organist Kees de Keyzer

This Elegy is a beautiful dreamy slow piece that will hopefully help you relax in these crazy times.

Violinist Zlata plays:

The composer James Biery was completely new to me when I was searching for violin and organ music and I love his work.

Behind the scenes story

Recording it however was all but relaxed. We didn’t rehearse beforehand as Kees and I don’t really live near each other, so we only had a couple of play throughs on the day of the recording. My husband thought it to be a good idea to make it a family trip and bring the kids along. In the church in which we would record there was sort of a children playroom outside of the main hall. But… the central heating was broken and it was a cold day. The hall was heated just a little bit and the playroom was freezing.

So… there we were: my husband trying to sooth the kids in the main hall and me playing freezing (try vibrato with stiff fingers), not comfortable standing in my third trimester pregnancy and stressed out about the whole situation and the multiple shots we had to take as we were constantly interrupted. Oh, and the autofocus of the camera ran wild (sorry for that, saving up for a new camera as we speak).

Sometimes challenging circumstances give a better result, so I hope that listening to this recording is a more pleasant experience than recording it, hahaha!

Let me know in the comments of what this music reminds you or how it makes you feel!


  1. Ingrid

    Ik vind het prachtig!!!!
    En ik kan me er iets bij indenken als mama van 3 kids en een hekel aan kou ^^

    Ik vind het werkelijk een prachtig stuk. Ook nieuw voor mij. Maar ik speel pas 2 jaar en heb nog geen enkele vibrato… Hopelijk weet ik ooit hoe dat voelt ; )

    Echt mijn complimenten!
    En ik moest grinniken .. die situaties zijn zo herkenbaar met kinderen.

    Maar samen zijn is het allerleukste..
    Veel liefs


  2. Susan Barch

    Beautiful… like the peace of an angel. You were so fluid in your playing despite the cold!! Brava! And such a beautiful piece. Thank you snd thanks to Kees on the organ… which obviously had lots of character!

  3. Prentice

    What a lovely piece! Thank you for sharing a wonderful performance despite the environmental challenges! I

  4. Sydnie Dickison

    That was so beautiful.

  5. Fritz

    Beautiful peace and Beautiful playing.
    I did not notice the difficult conditions.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. kathryn schrieber

    Beautiful! You can’t tell you were uncomfortable, you look marvelous

  7. Grace

    Complimenten en dank, ook dank voor je goede online lessen. Ik ben nu bij week 11 en vind het erg leuk studeren met je soundslice begeleiding.

  8. Geraldine B

    Your interpretation was so beautiful and healing. I loved it!


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