‘I wouldn’t want to see my own face and hear my own voice on camera all the time’

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‘How on earth would I come up with new video ideas long term?’

Yes, I have a video shoot almost every week… I see my face in the camera, hear my own voice when recording and after that in editing and publishing the videos.

After 7 years and over 1,500+ videos I’m really not concerned with my own face or voice anymore. It’s just work. My focus is on making a good video that serves my audience, not on my own insecurities. Yup, of course I sometimes laugh about a still in which my eyes look like I need an exorcism, my weird mistakes in English and an accidental snot cloth of my kids in the background.

When you record a video for the first time it’s horrible to see yourself, you will not speak fluently, you’ll need many takes, you’ll spend a TON of time editing and after that… your first 50 to 100 videos will be bad anyway. 

Luckily I’m trained as a classical violinist and I know practice can do a lot of you do a lot.

‘I wouldn’t want to see my own face and hear my own voice on camera all the time’

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

Just make more videos… keep doing it… every time you will be better in preparing content, speaking in front of the camera, filming yourself and editing the videos. In the TV world those are usually different jobs done by different specialists, so if you want to do all yourself you’d better get your hands dirty.

Try to make every single video a bit better than the one before that.

You can’t skip your first bad videos just as you can skip the scratching and out of tune notes when you start playing the violin.

Video ideas will keep coming. As your audience grows and you make more videos, new ideas will come automatically. I have so much video inspiration that I think I can easily make another thousand. However, when you just think about starting a YouTube channel, this inspiration will not come. It comes from engagement, not thought.

Do you ever think about starting a YouTube channel? If so, about what topic would it be?


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