Is Your Body Suitable for Playing the Violin or Viola? Find Out!

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Play Comfortably, Start to Play | 2 comments

Marcus asks:

Is there any physical attributes or lack of certain physical attributes that might make violin playing more difficult to learn?

For example is having longer slender fingers a benefit and having shorter thicker fingers a detriment? And lastly what is the degree of wrist rotation needed to hold the neck of the violin?

In this video we talk about the doubt lots of (soon to be) beginner violinists and violists have.

We talk about:

  • comparing soloists with each other
  • if are you lean enough
  • your fine motoric skills
  • rotation of your wrist
  • length of your fingers
  • thickness of your fingers
  • shape of your hands

After watching this video you probably will have an idea about your suitability for playing the violin or viola.

The answer might positively surprise you!

Is this video useful to you? Please let me know in the comments!



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  1. Thisbe

    This video is such a relief!!! My teacher told me she never wanted me to complain about my body anymore. I am very small (1,59 cm), ‘old’ (45 when I started to play the violin), have small hands and a very small pinky, stiff muscles and to make it complete I have MS, a disease of the central nerve system. But it all turned out not to be a problem! My teacher says it all has to do with praticing in the right way. I thought this was her opinion but now I know you agree with her. Okay, the lesson I take: practicing instead of complaining 😀


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