Indian Concertino by Perlman 1st Mov violin play along | Violin Lounge TV #521

by | May 24, 2023 | Repertoire | 2 comments

Learn to play the 1st movement ‘An Indian Story’ of the Indian Concertino by Perlman on the violin

This is an easy concertino in the first position suitable for beginner violinists

The Indian Concertino by Perlman is perfect for beginner(ish) violinists

If you’ve been following my free beginner violin lessons, this concertino is great to add to the mix or to start practicing when you finished my beginner course.

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  1. Alan Knights

    Yeah I love the flat Bush Waltz that Izak Perlman plays in the same as that Indian concertina he doesn’t complicate it he keeps it simple with very subtle variations whether it is with different bowing or ornaments. There’s a lot more you can put of own into a simple tune, that’s why I like them. I never play it straight reading without variation.

    • Zlata

      Is there a performance of this by Itzhak Perlman? The music is written by George Perlman. I don’t know if they are related.


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