How to Make Your Bow Jump on Purpose (Spiccato)

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Valyncia asks:

I am learning how to play Irish jigs and there is a funny thing that is done with the bow: it sounds like a skip (I don’t know the tech name for it… sorry). I can do it on accident, but not on purpose…

Question: How do I do it on purpose?

Making your bow jump on purpose is called ‘spiccato’.

Click here to watch my video ‘How to stop your bow from jumping’ if your bow jumps by accident and you don’t want it to.

This is important when learning spiccato and I will explain how to do it in the below video:

  • Bow hold (normal or different from normal?)
  • Relaxed, balanced and flexible bow hand fingers
  • Basic bowing technique: motion in your bow hold while bowing (spring system!)
  • Find the right place on YOUR bow (just a bit above the balance point)
  • Pivot the bow a bit
  • Find the natural jump of the bow, don’t work too much
  • Don’t practice too slow
  • Don’t jump too high, stay close to the string
  • Skipping, no chopping
  • Leave the string or not?

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