How to keep your 2nd finger low when you play a 4th finger

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“(…) Do you have any advice on how to keep my 2nd finger from moving out of the C natural position while playing the E note on the A string? I have noticed this problem lately as I have been trying to play a song in G major called “Tu

Watch this video to understand the causes and receive 4 tips to keep your 2nd finger low when you play a 4th finger!


The high 2nd finger seems more natural for your hand.

The high 2nd finger is the first you learn, not the low 2nd finger.

The distance between de low 2nd and 4th finger is quite far.


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Tip 1: Check your violin hold. Prevent that your 4th finger has to cross a distance that is not useful. Pivot your arm a bit more and give your 4th finger space. Have your knuckles parallel to the fingerboard. Make your 4th finger round.

Tip 2: Push your 2nd finger against your first finger. Feel the two fingers touching each other.

Tip 3: Practice the low 2nd finger in combination with the 4th finger with melodic variations in scales and songs.

Tip 4: Practice the low 2nd finger in combination with the 4th finger with rhythmical and bowing variations in scales and songs.
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  1. Anne Wynn

    Thank you so much, Zlata!
    Your tips have been really helpful!
    I can really tell the difference when I keep my hand curved; it helps to relax it and makes it much easier to reach the 4th finger E position without straining my pinky. And I will keep practicing different variations; that is the only way I will break the habitat of defaulting to the D major/ high 3rd finger position. 🙂
    Warm Regards,

    • Violinist Zlata

      Hi Anne,

      Good to hear that my tip has been useful! This violin hold will make you hand relax more and make your intonation more stable.

      Good luck and happy violin playing!

      Best regards,


  2. Thisbe

    Yes, that 4th finger….I think I never used my left pinky ever before I started playing the violin. Holding the violin in a different way did help, especially when I adapted my shoulder-rest to put the violin higher on my shoulder. Being aware of the position of my hand was a good advice too! BTW: I use the book Urstudien by Carl Flesch daily. This exercises are very useful a couple of minutes each day. It’s like ‘hand-yoga’ and helps to strech more and strengthen your fingers . Thanks for showing so clearly!


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