Are you looking for a compact and light violin case that looks good and protects your instrument very well?

In this video I review the Gewa Air 1.7 violin case

I’ve been using this case in glossy black myself for over a year and tell you all about the pro’s and cons

The Pro’s of the Gewa Air violin case are:

  • light weight: 1.7 kg
  • compact, certainly if you take the violin shaped version
  • durable and strong
  • beautiful design
  • high end finish
  • made in Germany

The cons of the Gewa Air violin case are:

  • small (however there’s more space in the rectangular version)
  • glossy finish easily gets scratches, so pick a mat or leather finish if you care about this
  • higher price class


If your instrument is very precious and you are looking for a light weight, compact durable and strong case that looks good, this is certainly worth the investment. The finish is far more beautiful than that of a Musilia case or cases made in China.

If you want to put a lot of stuff in your violin case, choose a the rectangular version or a case that has a bit more compartments and space.