Are You Guilty of ‘Smoesjes’ for Not Playing the Violin or Viola?

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‘Smoesjes’ is a strange Dutch word for ‘excuses’.

Over the years I have seen people holding themselves back from playing the violin or viola for the wrong reasons.

This is a pity, because those people could get so much pleasure and fulfillment of playing the instrument of their dreams: the violin or the viola.

In this video I talk about 6 common ‘smoesjes’ people use to hold themselves back from the pleasure of playing the violin or viola (and they are all not true and void):

1) I (think I) don’t have talent or feeling
2) I am too old (to start)
3) I don’t have enough time
4) I can’t find a teacher
5) I can’t pay to play
6) I am left-handed

I hope you will finally get past these ‘smoesjes’ and that you will start to enjoy playing the violin and viola and everything you can learn and get from that.

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