10 Different Types of Violin Teachers | Violin Lounge TV #365

by | May 13, 2020 | Career in Music | 40 comments

Which of these 10 types of music teachers do you recognize?

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Disclaimer: This is just a comedy video

Everything I’ve learned on the violin, I have my awesome teachers to thank for :).

Love you teachers out there!

Which of these 10 types of music teachers do you recognize?

Share it in the comments!

I’ve seen and been a little bit of all of them, but most of the time I’m #11 at the end of the video ;).


  1. Mary Kava

    This was a funny, wonderful break from the seriousness of these days. You are a great and motivational teacher, and I look forward to all of your videos. Thank you from the USA.

  2. Fernando

    thank you for the humor.

    The first perfectionist teacher would be a good one to have, if not overburdened with all the details in one go, but one by one.

    Wish you and your family well

  3. Wayne

    You’ve obviously “met some people” over your career and channeled them well! 🙂
    The Virtuoso made me just laugh out loud! Fantastic stuff!

  4. Sherylin

    Oh wow that was great Zlata 🙂
    I loved the student expressions and have seen them a few times myself either on myself or on others as well when I use to teach fitness etc. 🙂
    Loved the video. 🙂

  5. Diana

    Great video Zlata, I enjoyed it a lot! The “independent” scene is the best, I laughed so hard! And also the expression of the student when the teacher says that there might be some tension in her right toe. :)))
    I recognize the yogi teacher.
    Loved the video! Thanks for cheering us up 🙂

  6. Cathy

    Too funny!! Thanks for the good laugh!

  7. Alan

    Hillarious! Absolutely brilliant! So well acted. So well produced. It must have taken ages to put this together. Thanks so much.

  8. Donna

    I laughed at your comedy video! You are so cute in each part. Thanks for giving us something to laugh at and to ease the tension of being confined.

  9. Nancy

    Made me smile. What about teaching yourself? Lol
    Perhaps beating yourself up
    I had a teacher for a short while that wouldn’t let me play more than a bar. She’d stop me and the “perfectionist “ and “touchy” teacher came out. Thx for the humor.

  10. Jolande Bolderdijk

    Loved the video. Thank you for the fun!

  11. Eileen Harder

    No.2….for a short while I had a teacher who was not good with adults.
    And also he was too touchy feely…grabbing my fingers and arms. He was also a bit arrogant and impatient.

    My first teacher was very patient and pushed me ( gave me hard things to accomplish) as he knew I was adept at music.

    I’ve always been a bit intimidated by music teachers.

  12. Mandy Notley

    Hi Zlata,
    This was great! Cheered me up this morning I loved it, thank you.

  13. Abbie

    Haha yesssss! You completely nailed it! I have gone through so many teachers and I definitely recognize most of them in this video! Please say hello to Mr Elephant for me 🙂

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      Haha, hugs from mr Elephant and thanks for my kids that I was allowed to borrow him for the video :D.

  14. Gerard

    Very funny, you are a good comedian on top of being a great teacher, we love you.

  15. Name *sunil

    Loved the video. I really enjoyed it .Thanks

  16. Helene DiBartolomeo

    This was hilarious! I enjoyed it immensely. I found myself cracking up out loud. 🙂

  17. Michael

    Zlata, that had me in stitches. Some background experience too!

  18. Helen Haverty

    I really enjoyed the video. I have just recently subscribed and this was great fun jumping into everything. Thanks. Stay safe.

  19. Ihechi

    Well done zlata

  20. Silviu

    in 5 I’m surprised you didn’t say to give up violin and go to viola. Maybe I watched to many videos from TwoSetViolin and their opinion of viola.


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